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We pride ourselves on our content, we do NOT just recycle lectures and videos, we develop with you in mind to ensure all courses are up-to-date and relevant to your needs and your requirements.

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We understand your CPD (continuing professional development) and continuing education needs because we too are health professionals and we’ve been in your shoes; we are NOT a faceless corporation. We are here to support and guide you when you need to complete any professional development.


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What People Are Saying

I found the “Stress Management” course really interesting and I learnt a lot. The information was easy to navigate and I liked being able to access it at any time. I will definitely recommend “MY CPD Academy” to colleagues and I plan on coming back for more courses.


RN, Sydney

I loved the “Health Assessment” Course. It was very easy to understand and I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs the information presented in an easy to understand format while still ensuring that all of the information was covered.  


Midwife, Adelaide

I learnt more about leadership than I thought I would. I came away appreciating the fact that we are all leaders and that we all need to develop our leadership skills. After the training I realised that being a manager doesn’t necessarily mean that I was a leader. I have lots of skills to practice and develop and I look forward to being a great Leader instead of just a manager. 


NUM, Brisbane


Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing

Nurses (and most people) “know” what to do to lead a healthy life – however, 'knowing' does not necessarily translate into action! This raises the question – why don’t we do what we know needs to be done? (i.e. quit smoking, lose weight, move more, drink less). Until...

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Why aren’t we addressing risk factors?

Why aren’t we addressing risk factors?

I was recently admitted to hospital with acute chest pain. This was my first time in hospital as a patient since I was 14. It was eye opening to be on the receiving end – and I had many expectations that were not met by nurses or doctors. Prior to this admission I had...

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Nurses’ health & wellness!

Nurses’ health & wellness!

The results are in! Over 6000 nurses can’t be wrong A colleague (Dr. Jennifer Barr) and I surveyed over 6000 Australian nurses and this revealed that the number one issue that impacts our health is stress (no surprise there) with the usual culprits contributing to...

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