Continuing Professional Development

Online Courses

These one-hour video online courses are for nurses and midwives – they have been developed specifically for online opportunities and are not ‘recycled lectures or workshops’. They have been developed by experienced health professionals to provide CPD (continuing professional development) and CE (continuing education) opportunities via the online academy. Each course contains a video and the content is easliy related to your professional practice. 

Variety, quality and easy

My CPD Academy offers a variety of courses, suitable for most nurses and midwives. These are not clinically specific courses – rather they have been developed so any nurse or midwife can update their knowledge in a varity of topics, including; Communication Skills, Stress Management, Health Assessment, Leadership Skills.

Our most popular courses

Health Coaching

This course provides the fundamental principles of “Health Coaching”; working with patients to encourage them to take responsibility for the management of the condition, including medications, symptom control and decision making

Stress Management

Stress has been identified as a major issues for nurses and health professionals, with the majority confirming that stress impacts their personal and professional lives. This course will help you to identify what is causing your stress, and provide you with tools for stress management.

Health & Wellness

Most nurses and health professionals provide exceptional care to their patients. However, they aren’t so good at looking after themselves and “self-care” is often something that is neglected. In this course on “Health & Wellness”, we will explore what you can do NOW to start looking after yourself!

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing provides the fundamental tools that you will need to motivate your clients for behaviour change; especially with lifestyle risk factors such as smoking, nutrition, physical activity, stress management and alcohol use.

Course Features

Easy to access

All courses contain video lessons – all you need to do is click ‘play’


Courses are viewable on screens of all shapes and sizes.


Access your training anywhere at any time.

High quality and affordable

Save time and money by taking advantage of prices that are high quality and affordable

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