Frequent Q & As

Below you will find the answers to some common questions – these are based on the needs of nurses and health professionals in Australia. If you live in another country, then you will need to check the requirements in your local area.

Why do I need to do CPD?

In 2011 AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency)  was formed as the governing body for most Australian health professions. As a result of this, national registration was introduced which means that those health practitioners that fall under AHPRA now have the same registration/licence requirements throughout Australia.

AHPRA is responsible for the implementation of the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme across Australia.; AHPRA works with 14 National Health Practitioner Boards in implementing the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme. Each health practitioner is required to complete a set number of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) hours in order to maintain their annual registration Continuing professional development (CPD) helps health professionals to maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge, expertise and competence.

How much CPD do I need?

Each health practitioner National Board requires different CPD hours – it is up to the individual health practitioner to determine how many they will need (these are set by each National Board and may differ between professions) and then to ensure that they complete these, prior to renewing their registration each year.

You can check here to determine how many hours you need;

What would happen if I didn’t complete my CPD hours?

AHPRA is currently auditing health practitioners; if you are audited by AHPRA you will need to demonstrate that you have completed the required number of CPD hours.

Can I use mandatory training towards my CPD?

“Yes”, you can use mandatory training e.g. CPR, Manual handling, OHS and Fire Safety can count towards your CPD requirements.

If I work part-time can I do less CPD?

It doesn’t matter how many hours you work, you are required to complete the CPD the same as everyone else in your profession.

Do I still need to do CPD if I go on Long Service Leave or take time off (e.g. maternity leave)?

In order to maintain your registration, you need to complete your CPD.

Can I use online training for my CPD?

“Yes”, as long as the CPD is relevant to your area of practice, it doesn’t matter how you complete it, so online training is acceptable.

What does it mean when it says that any CPD has to be relevant to my current practice?

This means that your CPD has to be something that you can apply to your current practice. If you were an OT working in paediatric community health, you would be able to use “Supporting children after major surgery” towards your mandatory CPD hours but you couldn’t use “Aged care medication issues”.

Why don’t I receive CPD points anymore?

Prior to National registration, some States/Territories used “points” instead of “hours” when applying CPD. With National registration, CPD hours are now the preferred option.

How much does it cost to do my CPD?

There is no set cost for CPD; providers can set their own price and this can range from free (e.g. inservice hospital training) to hundreds of dollars/hour. It is up to you, as the consumer, to decide how much you are willing to pay for your own CPD. “My CPD Academy” costs are based on $65/hour (and there are often specials, so check to see what these are at My CPD Academy).

How many CPD hours can I claim for each course?

This is calculated on how long it would take the average person to complete the CPD course. A face-face workshop of 6 hours would be 6 CPD hours. All online courses should clearly state how many CPD hours are awarded for each course.

How many hours do I receive if I do an online course with “MY CPD Academy”?

“My CPD Academy” clearly states how many hours you will receive for each course. Most are 1 – 2 hours each; this is based on how long it takes the average person to complete the course.

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